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Why you should not go to the gym while coronavirus is still on


With the growing pandemic, a gym is one of the last places you ought to be. Gyms are not exactly the best models for cleanliness, despite how hard the staff works. Besides, it is advised you to stay indoors. Here is why you should not go to the gym during the pandemic.


You are at a high risk of contracting the virus

Communal places are not the best places to be during this period. You can come into contact with someone who is already infected, either directly or indirectly. Coronavirus and other viruses can live on surfaces and lifeless objects for a long time. As such, the more people touch these surfaces, the higher the chance that someone could drop respiratory droplets of a virus and pass it on to others. Although your gym can keep to safety rules such as disinfecting all surfaces, mandate everyone to wash and sanitize their hands and use a face mask, the best bet is for you to stay at home.

Here are other ways you can stay fit without going to the gym:

Get an in-house gym

Technology has made it so easy that you do not have to go to the gym before you can use some gym equipment. Right in your home, you can set up a gym. You do not need much space. You can easily buy gym equipment that can be used in the home. There are lots of gym equipment you can buy such as dumbbells, etc. To make your house gym look like a standard gym, you can organize a space in your house for it. have a schedule for going to the gym so that you will be serious with it. You save yourself from risk this way. You can know what stores to buy your gym equipment from by visiting CollectedReviews to read Echelon fitness reviews and reviews of other companies that sell gym equipment.

Do small activities

The gyms being closed does not mean you should become a couch potato and lose steam for being fit and start gaining weight. You can involve in small activities to keep you from losing steam. For instance, you can take your dog for a walk down the street, jog or sun some couple of miles every morning, dance for a couple of minutes every day. No matter what, ensure that you move your joints every day. At least, try to do any small activity for at least 30 minutes a day.

Join meetup groups

If you feel you are weak to make a decision on your own and stick to it,  you can join a fitness group with like-minded people. You can even find one in your area or around you, or you can form one yourself. In the meetup groups, you will have an array of local activities you can do with other people. It could be skating lessons, juggling lessons, outdoor workouts, basketball, etc. You will find the encouragement and support you need to stay fit, explore new opportunities, make new friends, see new places, and be exposed to more perspectives.

Take up paddling or golf

If you are looking for an enjoyable, low-impact, and calming way to stay fit, paddling is just for you. However, you have to get a good boat and paddle and sail on low-current waters. If you are not a good swimmer, stay close to the shores of the river. Ensure you have an expert on your boat in case anything happens. Additionally, you can consider playing golf. If you think golf is a game for only rich people, you are wrong. Either old or young, rich or not, golf is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Download mobile workout apps and watch youtube videos

If you like all the gym activities but cannot go to the gym, you can have a feel of the gym even in your home. There are lots of mobile workout apps that you can download and copy the activities. You can also go on Youtube and watch tons of videos that are available for those who want to stay fit while at home. You get all these resources for free. However, for you to get the results you want, you have to be realistic with yourself and practice what you learned.

Practice rock climbing or jump rope

Another way to stay fit is to go rock-climbing. Look for a good rock you can climb without fail around you and do. You should go in pairs or groups so that anyone who needs help will get it quickly. When you get good at rock climbing, you can add it to your outdoor adventures. You can also jump rope. This is a great way to include some cardio exercise into your workout routine. There are tons of jump rope workouts you can find on Youtube and Pinterest, in case you want new knowledge about it.


Signing up as a volunteer for worthy causes will get you to go out of the house and move around. At the same time, you also get to give back to society. You can build houses for those who do not have one, help out at a kitchen, help out as an aid during running races, etc. There are many ways you can help out and stay fit at the same time, all you have to do is choose what you want to do. However, remember to protect yourself from coronavirus as you go about volunteering.

Play with your pet

If you have a pet, you have a work out buddy. Instead of allowing your dog or cat to have a lazy day, get it involved in an activity. Play tag with it, run around with it to fetch something. You can get a full-blown session of the workout by getting more involved in your dog’s playtime. You can add extra minutes to your daily walk so that you can have more time to keep fit yourself. Get creative with the different things you can do. if you follow all these tips, you will not miss not going to the gym too much.