Lipozene Review


There are loads of diet pills available in the market. Diet pills are targeted towards people who find it difficult to lose weight through other avenues. They offer people an easy way to lose weight. The promise to help get rid of the extra fat without getting into extreme exercise regimes or strict diets.

Lipozene is a supplement used for weight loss. It not only makes the promise to burn fat but guarantees exceptional results. Here, Lipozene and its effectiveness is reviewed to determine whether it is safe for use.

What is Lipozene?

Lipozene is not your average diet pill. It is a weight loss supplement that has glucomannan fiber which is a water-soluble supplement. The active ingredient in the pill comes from the root of the elephant yam otherwise known as the konjac plant.

The fiber has a super water absorbing ability. A glass of water can be turned into a get with a single capsule. It is mainly used as a food additive to thicken or emulsify food. For instance, it is the main ingredient for shirataki noodles. This water absorption quality of glucomannan has several health benefits including constipation relief, weight loss, lowered blood sugar and cholesterol levels among others.

Lipozene is a commercialized glucomannan product claiming to offer users all these benefits. It also contains gelatin, stearic acid and magnesium silicate. While these may not help with weight loss, they prevent the product from becoming lumpy and also add bulk.

How does it help with weight loss?

People who have more fiber in their diet are known to weigh less than their counterparts. The reason for this is not known although there are several reasons to use soluble fiber if you want to lose weight. Lipozene through its active ingredient glucomannan, can help you lose weight through the following ways.

  • Keeps you feeling full

The capsule expands as it absorbs water in your stomach. This slows the speed food leaves your stomach. As a result, you stay fuller for longer making you eat less frequently than you normally would.

  • It promotes a healthy gut

It promotes the growth of good bacteria in your gut that indirectly influences weight. Having good bacteria makes you less likely to gain excess weight.

  • It has a low-calorie count

The capsules will not add any additional calories to your diet as they are low-calorie. They will help you feel full without the additional calories.

  • It reduces your dietary calories

It also reduces the absorption of other nutrients in your diet. Through the reduction in protein and fat from your diet, you can lose weight without your body thinking that you are starving.

While other soluble fibers have the same effect, Lipozene is better. Since glucomannan is super-absorbent, it forms a gel that is extra thick. This makes it more effective at keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Does it work?

There are a number of studies investigating the effectiveness of glucomannan when it comes to weight loss. There have been reports that there are positive effects however small.

There was a five-week study where 176 people were assigned a 1200 calorie diet plus a placebo or a fiber supplement containing glucomannan. After the period elapsed, those who were taking the supplement lost 1.7kg (3.7 pounds) more than those who took placebos.

There was a review that recently concluded that glucomannan can help obese or overweight people lose weight in the short term. The reason is because the weight loss benefits usually disappear after six months. However, one can still reap the results by having a calorie-controlled diet. If you want to get long-term results, you need to make changes to your diet too.

Any additional health benefits?

There are several benefits of using soluble fiber in addition to aiding in weight loss. Lipozene has these potential health benefits.

  • Reduced constipation

Glucomannan fiber can be used to treat constipation. The recommended dose to reduce constipation is 1 gram to be taken three times a day.

  • Healthy gut

The fiber is known to have prebiotic properties. Lipozene feeds the healthy bacteria in the gut. The bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids that are beneficial to reducing your risk of several digestive track diseases.

  • Low risk for lifestyle diseases

The active ingredient in Lipozene might lower blood fats, blood sugars and blood pressure. This reduces the risk factors for lifestyle for heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.


Lipozene manufacturers recommend that you take 2 capsules 30 minutes before a meal with about 230ml of water. You can do this three times a day as the maximum limit is 6 capsules throughout the day. It is equal to taking 1.5grams three times a day making it 4.5 grams. This exceeds the effective amount slightly as it is 2-4 grams a day.

Possible side effects

The timing is important as it will not affect weight loss unless it is taken before a meal with lots of water. It needs to be taken in capsule form and not the powder in the capsule. The powder is very absorbent and if not taken correctly, it can expand before reaching the stomach causing a blockage.

Do not breathe in the powder as it can be life threatening.

You might want to wean yourself by starting with a small amount. Suddenly adding a lot of fiber in your diet could cause digestive distress. Although Lipozene is usually tolerated, it occasionally causes diarrhea, nausea, stomach discomfort and constipation, so Lipozene can cause side effects.

Consult your physician before taking Lipozene. This is especially if you are taking diabetes medication like sulfonylureas whose effectiveness might be reduces due to the reduced absorption. However, you can avoid this by taking your medication either an hour before or four hours after taking the supplement.

The benefits of taking Lipozene and glucomannan are the same. You can look for a cheaper glucomannan supplement in the market.


There is scientific evidence suggesting that the glucomannan fiber in Lipozene can help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you are interested, you can look for a good glucomannan supplement available in the market. It is important to note that even with the supplement, you need to observe a healthy diet and exercise regimen to lose the weight and keep it off.

Just keep in min that these claims are only written based on what we have come across on the internet. You cannot expect to lose weight with Lipozene alone. Lipozene might “enhance” the process, but there is no guarantee to weight loss. We would highly advise you combine exercise with your diet.