Hezekiah Phillips

"An American Patriot"

Born: 1756, probably Wales
Died: 4 June 1811 (aged 55 years) Winchester, Preble County, Ohio
Buried: Phillips-Brubaker Cemetery, Preble County, Ohio
Married: 11 September 1780, Montgomery County, Virginia

Daughter of Baltzer Lybrook and Catharine Ream.
Born: 1761, Virginia
Died: 12 December 1840 (aged 79 years) Gratis Township, Preble County, Ohio
Buried: Phillips-Brubaker Private Cemetery

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Children of Hezekiah and Catharine Phillips

  1. DANIEL PHILLIPS, married 4 July 1807, Montgomery County, Ohio to Susannah Gift, daughter of Nicholas and Regina Larose Gift. Died before March 1847 in Darke County, Ohio.
  2. ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, married Joel Shelton.
  3. WILLIAM PHILLIPS, born about 1781 in Montgomery, Virgina. Married Jane (Jinny) Hunnicut on 21 January 1802 in Grainger County, Tennessee. Died before May 1848 in Parke County, Indiana.
  4. HENRY PHILLIPS, born 30 September 1787 Virginia. Married 20 October 1814 to Catharine (Shearer) Shanby in Preble County, Ohio. Died 16 June 1859.
  5. HEZEKIAH PHILLIPS, born 4 July 1790 Tennessee, Married 24 April 1817 to Mary “Polly” Robbins, daughter of Richard Robbins and Rebecca Yount. Died 17 August 1859 Preble County, Ohio.
  6. CATHARINE PHILLIPS, born 4 July 1792 Tennessee. Married 5 December 1809 to Jacob Gift in Winchester, Preble County, son of Nicholas Gift and Regina Larose Gift. Died 13 February 1860 in Winchester, Preble County, Ohio.
  7. LEWIS PHILLIPS, born 4 May 1793 in Tennessee. Married 17 October 1816 to (1) Elizabeth Gift, daughter of Nicholas Gift and Regina Larose; married (2) Christina “Tina” Robbins, daughter of Richard Robbins and Rebecca Yount. Died 9 March 1878 in Jay County, Indiana.
  8. CHRISTINA PHILLIPS, born 19 February 1796 Tennessee. Married 2 January 1817 to Elias Mackey in Preble County, Ohio. Died 17 February 1884 in Preble County, Ohio.
  9. LYDIA PHILLIPS, born ca 1809. Married 25 May 1829 to Leonard H. Thomas in Preble County, Ohio.
  10. SARAH “SALLY” PHILLIPS, born 1803 Tennessee, married Henry H. Harter.
  11. REBECCA PHILLIPS, born 27 May 1805 Ohio. Married 20 August 1824 to Jonas Brubaker in Preble County, Ohio.

Hezekiah Phillips Sightings

Research has that Hezekiah Phillips was from Wales. He settled in Massachusetts ca 1761-65 then moved to the south bank of Holston River near Clinch Mountain, Tennessee.
Reference: Various research notes.

Came to Gratis Township, Preble County, Ohio about 1803 and settled in the northern part of the Township.
Reference: History of Preble County, Ohio, page 186.

Came to Gratis Township, Preble County, Ohio in 1798 from Virginia by way of Georgia and Tennessee.
Reference: Holden Letter

On 18 October 1804 Hezekiah Phillips sold 75 acres of land in Grainger County, Tennessee.
Reference: Grainger County, Tennessee Deed Records microfilmed by Salt Lake City – Ft Wayne Library

On 29 December 1808 Hezekiah Phillips of Montgomery County, Ohio received a land grant of 160 acres in the north-east quarter, Section 4, Township 4, Range 3 (Gratis Township), Preble County, Ohio.
Reference: Preble County, Deed Book 150, page 126.

Revolutionary War Service

Battle of Quebec – December 1775

Served from Virginia. A member of Colonel Benedict Arnold’s detachment and participated in march from Cambridge on expedition against Quebec September 13, 1775. He was one of the men wounded at Quebec in the engagement. Military records quoted from a journal of remarks of a march of Captain Morgan’s men from Cambridge, Massachusetts on Quebec, Canada in Colonel Benedict Arnold’s detachment “When Hezekiah Phillips was wounded he was in Captain Morgan’s army.”

“Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution” by John H. Gwathmey, 1938, page 622
NSDAR “Patriot Index” page 532
“Ohio DAR News” April 1960
“Official Roster III of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Lived in the State of Ohio” 1959, page 278
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Battle of Cowpens – January 1781

A decisive battle that helped turn the tide of war in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. On this field on January 17, 1781, Daniel Morgan led his army of tough Continentals, militia and cavalry to a brilliant victory over Banastre Tarleton's force of British regulars. The battle at the "Cow Pens" is recognized by historians as one of the most important of the American Revolution.

Coming on the heels of a patriot victory at nearby Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780, it was the second successive staggering defeat for British forces under General Charles Cornwallis. Only nine months after the Battle of Cowpens, Cornwallis was forced to surrender his army to General George Washington at Yorktown, Virginia in October 1781.

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Hezekiah Phillips served from Virginia. He was a member of General Morgan’s army, a division of General Green’s army. He was wounded in the arm during the Battle of Cowpens, 17 Jan 1781.
Reference: History of Gift, Kern & Royer Families, page 98

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